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Click for larger version This is the online version of the book "The Chronicles of Bob", a collection of published and unpublished stories penned in the 1940s and 1950s by noted American author, sportsman, and outdoorsman Robert Farrington Sanderson. The collection was authored and edited by Tom Sanderson, Liz Sanderson-Burke, and Sara Sanderson who all knew this intriguing man as "Uncle Bob". Click for larger version

The book
is divided into two parts; one consisting of stories published in magazines such as "Outdoor Life", and the other made up of unpublished manuscripts. As noted in the book's dedication, the "published works" section was created by scanning the actual printed pages from the original publications and those scans are presented here in the universal, cross-platform PDF format as individual files. The unpublished works, as well as the introductions to the published articles, are presented as individual web pages in simple text form.

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through this site, simply click the appropriate links or return to any previous page using your browser's 'back' button. Small photographs are linked to larger versions which will appear in separate browser windows. The PDF files will also appear in their own windows.
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