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After Uncle Bobís death, we became engaged in quite a digging and sorting process -both of his possessions and our own emotions. Amid his boxes we discovered many of his writings and photos and wished to share his exceptional talents and unique storytelling voice. We put together a team of people to bring these stories to you.

While sorting these boxes, we met Wendy Jenson; a University of Wisconsin student, who, as luck would have it, was majoring in English and showed considerable talent in writing her own stories. Wendy eagerly joined the tasks of sorting material and recognizing the merit of the stories. The book became an opportunity for Wendy to sink her teeth in to a book from the start to finish as managing editor. In her forwards to each story, she captures the style and uniqueness of Bobís voice. Through several years, Wendy skillfully listened to the ideas of the three editors. She contributed to making the project an inclusive venture. We gratefully acknowledge her editorial talents and perseverance.

Technical production credits go to Michelle Deang, who began this project as a student at the University of Washington. Michelle spent hours sifting and scanning photos. With great patience she identified and preserved old photographs and magazine articles. Michelle contributed the idea of reprinting the stories exactly as they appeared in the magazines, including advertising. We greatly appreciate the work of Michelle Deang, our production coordinator.

Liz led the way in preserving the writings and believing that we could compose a book that would capture the essence of Bob. We thank her for generating the enthusiasm and technical expertise to bring this book to completion. As our executive editor, she has kept the book on a forward motion and we greatly appreciate her leadership.

Many friends of the family have served as a source of inspiration and support for this book. We especially wish to recognize Ben Olson, Uncle Bobís best friend. Ben provided straightforward ideas to keep the book on track. He is a gracious friend and reminder of who Bob was and what he stood for. Helena McMahon has been a stalwart friend and confidante to each of our family members since 1947, when she joined our grandfatherís law firm. We appreciate her kindness and genuine affection over these years. We also wish to make honorable mention of several people who have supported the preservation and presentation of these stories: Nilka Garcia Sanderson, Stan Morse, the family of Richard Oliver, Robert Curtis Sanderson, Gary Perleberg, Bryan Woltman, and Les and Lorraine Zamzow.

© 2003 Chronicles of Bob