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We dedicate this book to all of you who knew our Uncle Bob or shared the times and spirit of adventure his life reflected. Robert F. Sanderson (1918-1991) was a writer, photographer, pilot, world traveler, dog lover, social critic, salesman, miner, TV show producer-host, expert sportsman, eternal student, friend, foe, father-figure, an independent telecommunication pioneer and entrepreneur. In short, he was an all around, larger than life, erudite and eccentric observer of the riches life offers. We now cherish the times he took with us to unfold exquisitely detailed stories of exotic adventures in his rich, sonorous baritone voice. He amused, entertained, confounded and challenged us with his life lessons he wove into these tales.

This book captures Bob's publishing period. To help preserve their historical context we have gathered articles from more than fifty years ago and reprinted them exactly as they appear in the pages of outdoor magazines of the day. We have added articles from the time period that were not published. His hunting, fishing, flying, and travel articles contain his writing and photos, showing his unique perspective of those times and his life. With loving tribute, we share his work and our memories of Uncle Bob.

The authors:

     Tom Sanderson, nephew
     Liz Sanderson-Burke, niece
     Sara Sanderson, niece

© 2003 Chronicles of Bob