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Aquatic Acrobat - The Mink
Bass at Twilight
Big Freeze Bucks
Bucks Below the Border
Catching the Great American Killer
Down Mexico Way
Down Steamboat Trail
Fish Between Showers
Fly Yourself In
Flying Saucer
Fur For Fun 'er Fortune
Hooked By A Rattler
How to Shrink and Preserve the Heads of Your Enemies
How Tough is Bush Flying?
I Learned about Flying From That!
I Live in a Country Town
Last Day Buck
The Last Lake
Lion Lunch Bucks
Living Off The Land
A Moose and a Goose
Notams Ala Mexicana (Bucks Below the Border)
Notes On Mink Trapping
One Gun Against the Jungle
A Practical Man
Season for Snow Bunnies
Sir Reynard Fox
Sky Road to Spring Rats
Skyland Javelinas
Skyway to Mayaland
South From Orinoco
State Trapper
Tigre Trail
Tropic Flight to Cuba
Un Paseo
Wandering Walleyes
Weekend for Javelinas
What Makes Lakes?
Your Motor Trip to South America
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