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Curse of the Witegoo

As it originally appeared in the June 1952 Issue of "Outdoor Life"

This story is one of the Sandersons' favorites. Imagine yourself surrounded with the woodsy smell and amber glow of a campfire as Bob launches a tale that combines three of his loves - flying, fishing, and dramatic adventure. He begins talking about the mysterious Sutton Lake. Indiscernible on any maps, said to be ruled by an evil Indian God, but also rumored to be full of the largest trout you could ever hope to hook, Bob and John can not resist it's pull. Despite the warnings of the Indians who caution against the Curse of the Witegoo, and their insistence that it is bad land that does not like men - especially men in airplanes - they venture in. What happens there raises questions even Bob and John don't care to speculate onů.

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