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Summer on the 'Sippi

As it originally appeared in the June 1942 Issue of "********"

This article is truly a treasure! With a combination of information, whimsy and humor Uncle Bob shares his plans for the vessel he took down the Mississippi, and he does so in such a way you will feel like you can build one of these and take it down river yourself. He also writes of his experience with the affection and sensibility of someone who feels close to the river which makes it truly beautiful to read-quite a feat for a “how-to” article. The craft itself is ingenious and the do’s and don’ts he shares are informational, but when told through Uncle Bob’s voice are also humorous and telltale insights into his adventures. This article will make you want to grab your Mark Twain, make your own “Voyageur” and have your own adventure down the Mississippi.

(Editor’s note: We have been unsuccessful in obtaining scans of this story’s original publication and therefore present it in text form for the sake of completeness)

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